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Tuesday, 25 June 2024
Provision for membership IMAF-Eurasia

                                                                                                                                                                          On joining IMAF-Eurasia Organization
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                                                                                                                                                                                          Combat Sports Promotion 
1. General regulations
1.1. Regional offices can become members of “IMAF-Eurasia” Regional Public Organization for Combat Sports Promotion (hereinafter referred to as the Organization) 
1.2. Individuals can join the Organization as “individual members” only in case there is no regional office of “IMAF-Eurasia” in the region of their residence. 
1.3. Legal entities can join the Organization only in case there is no regional office of “IMAF-Eurasia” in the region of their registration. 

2. The rights of the Organization members
2.1. In accordance with the Federal Law of 12.01.1996 No. 7-FZ “On non-commercial organizations” and in conformity with the Statute of “IMAF-Eurasia” Regional Public Organization for Combat Sports, regional offices have the following rights regardless of membership type:
• Get information about the Organization’s activity;
• Withdraw from membership on his/her own discretion;
• Submit a motion for consideration of the General Meeting of the Organization’s members;
• Get information materials available in the Organization;
• Participate in implementation of projects, programs and other events of the Organization;
2.2. In addition to the rights stipulated in p.2.1 of the Regulations, individual members are provided with an opportunity to: 
• visit seminars, conferences, discussions and other regular events held by the Organization.
3. The duties of the Organization members
3.1. Members of the Organization regardless of their membership type undertake the following voluntary obligations:
• observe the Statute and internal documents of the Organization; follow the decisions taken by the authorities of the Organization;
• refrain from any actions that can injure interests of the Organization, its public image and reputation as well as interests of the Organization members;
• support and promote the ideas of the Organization;
• do not disclose confidential information about the Organization activity;
• provide the information necessary for solution of the issues regarding the Organization activity;

4. Terms and procedures of admission of new members of the Organization 
4.1. The Organization is open to admission of new members.
4.2. A new member of the Organization is admitted by decision of the Organization Board upon application of the President of the Organization. A member can be refused to be admitted without explaining. 
4.3. Any person wishing to join “IMAF-Eurasia” Organization shall fill in and send via e-mail the following documents:
- questionnaire (for all membership types);
- registration form (for regional offices and legal entities only).
4.4. An applicant shall be considered admitted to the Organization from the day the Board passes the decision of his/her admittance to the Organization.
4.5. Membership in the Organization does not impose any restrictions to its members in their principal or any other activity. 
4.6. The Organization shall be the register-keeper of its members. 

5. Procedure of withdrawal from membership of the Organization
5.1. Withdrawal from membership of the Organization is carried out by filing written application to the President of the Organization. 
5.2. The date of withdrawal from membership shall be considered the day of acceptance by the Organization of written application of the member. From this moment any rights and obligations of the member stipulated by these Regulations shall be considered terminated.
6. Terms and procedure of exclusion from membership of the Organization
6.1. A member can be excluded from the Organization upon decision of the Organization Board in cases he crudely violates his obligations or makes impossible the activity of the Organization or significantly complicates it by his acts (or omission), including the following:
      6.1.1. if a member of the Organization conceals the information which makes impossible his membership in accordance with the requirements of the Organization Statute;
   6.1.2. if a member repeatedly fails to observe the requirements of the Statute and other documents of the Organization approved by the Organization authorities in accordance with their responsibility;
   6.1.3. if a member repeatedly takes actions in conflict with the decisions of the Organization or the General Meeting of the Organization members.
6.2. The date of exclusion from membership shall be considered the day of passing of the relevant decision by the Organization Board.